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Around the Diabetes World in 80 Days

As an e-learning platform visited by diabetes healthcare professionals from every inhabited continent, EASD e-learning wanted to know more about the different challenges faced by its users. What are their research needs? What can we learn from how they do healthcare education? This led to our ‘Around the Diabetes World in 80 Days’ project. Hear from local experts how diabetes priorities vary from country to country, including those where political, military and economic upheaval present significant obstacles to routine care, management and treatment of people with diabetes. Join us as we learn from them what we all need to work towards in order to improve diabetes care around the world.


Who, what and why

The EASD has a long and proud history of postgraduate education and the organisation is delighted now to be able to offer online learning as part of this. We are building a suite of e-learning modules designed to educate, inform and engage healthcare professionals around the world.

The wide range of diabetes modules that populate this platform have been designed with the help of international experts in the field of diabetes. They combine innovative multimedia and challenging knowledge checks to help you learn more about this fast-moving area of healthcare and research.

Now available:

Get your certificate of completion and reflective learning record

One question frequently asked by visitors to the EASD e-learning site is whether they can have a record of their learning from our modules and courses. We know that having evidence in your portfolio to demonstrate your participation in and completion of courses is often a requirement for your continuing professional development.

We have listened to your feedback and are delighted to announce that, as of today, all learners who complete a module and pass the assessment will be able to download a certificate of completion. Certificates will be generated automatically on the site and will be available for all the modules you have completed and passed – however many weeks or months ago that may have been.

We will also be providing a template in which you can record the personal reflective learning you have gained from our modules and set out how you might apply that to your own clinical practice. To access your certificates of completion and reflective learning template, go to your user profile page.

Available courses

From foot checks to islet transplantation, we are creating and publishing new modules every month.

Stay safe and keep informed


How do you continue to deliver quality diabetes care during a pandemic? Why are so many of your patients at such high risk of severe infection? And what do non-diabetes specialists caring for people with diabetes in hospital need to know?

To help you get to grips with these and many other questions in this new pandemic era, EASD e-Learning has created a new section on its site, providing you with short, accessible learning from leading experts to help you and your patients stay safe and keep informed. Watch these films to learn more.

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