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A new look for EASD e-Learning

13th September 2022
Female sat at a laptop working with new EASD website on the screen

A refreshed version of the EASD e-Learning website launches this week, with a cleaner, more user-friendly design.

As part of a wide-ranging redesign, changes to EASD e-Learning’s site navigation make it easier for learners to access the different types of information they want, to identify the experts who have contributed to a specific course, and to share content with other people.

Welcoming the new site’s launch, EASD e-Learning Programme Director Dr Eleanor D Kennedy, commented: “Course content is now presented in a way that allows learners to see at a glance who the authors are before enrolling on a course. And it’s much easier to share Horizons content with other colleagues, so they too can keep up to date with new innovations in diabetes care and research. We hope these and other changes to the site will help build a thriving community of EASD e-Learning users, improving diabetes knowledge and treatment around the world.”

Bigger reach, greater scope

The redesign follows a period of rapid expansion for the EASD e-Learning platform. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has grown to include over 80 modules on a wide range of topics. It now has around 8,000 healthcare professional subscribers and is regularly accessed by thousands more, from every region of the world. In addition to its e-Learning modules, the site now offers additional types of content – in particular in its ‘Horizons’ section, which includes weekly news reports on diabetes innovations from journals and conferences, and films on hot topics in diabetes.

“Providing a range of content types, not just modules, has enabled us to offer greater immediacy to learners and respond more quickly to important changes in the diabetes environment – such as COVID-19,” said Dr Kennedy. “With so much content, though, it had become a challenge to make sense of it all within the old site design. By making the navigation clearer and establishing distinct areas for our course content and Horizons, learners can now move more easily between the different types of information.”

Other innovations include:

  • Well-structured, easy-to-follow navigation, with new portals and crumb trails to guide learners through the site
  • A new ‘My account’ page, making it easier for learners to track their progress through a course and download certificates of completion and reflective learning
  • Module authors credited on the course listing, so learners can see who writes and presents course content before enrolling
  • A new ‘Meet the experts’ section detailing all the course content authors, complete with biographies
  • Easy-to-use options for sharing Horizons content by email or Tweet

Improvements will not stop there, though. “This redesign was inspired and informed by learner feedback,” says Dr Kennedy. “It’s very much an ongoing project and needs ongoing feedback from users to help us make more improvements to the content and user journey – improvements that will bring us closer to our goal of being the world’s leading information hub for diabetes knowledge.”