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Back to virtual for the EASD’s clinical research training

24th February 2022

Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, the acclaimed EASD-Robert Turner clinical research training course will now be held online as a virtual interactive course.

As we reported back in December, the EASD-Robert Turner course was due to return to a face-to-face format in April this year. This has since had to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, in its place the EASD has organised a virtual course, which will be provided from 27th-30th June 2022.

The virtual synchronous interactive course is targeted at young physicians interested in research and offers candidates the opportunity to:

  • Design clinical experiments in diabetes/endocrinology
  • Consider ethical aspects of clinical research
  • Gain an introduction to ‘R’ for statistical analysis
  • Brush up your statistics
  • Join the elite international group of Robert Turner Course alumni

Sponsored by Lilly Diabetes and the EASD, this course is hosted by Oxford Universities Clinical Departments and is open to clinically qualified physicians with a research interest in endocrinology and diabetes.

Interested candidates should submit their application to Mary Hata ([email protected]) by the 22nd April 2022.

For more information on the course and the application process, go to: