Carel Le Roux is Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Ulster University, Coleraine, UK and Chair of Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine at University College Dublin, Ireland together with being a Director of the Metabolic group. He also holds the position of Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Ulster University and Extra-ordinary Professor of Chemical Pathology at University of Pretoria. Professor Le Roux graduated from medical school in Pretoria, South Africa and went on to complete his PhD at Imperial College London.

An expert in metabolic medicine, Professor Le Roux’s areas of interest include obesity, chemical pathology, bariatric medicine and lipidology. He specialises in managing patients undergoing bariatric surgery and pharmacotherapy, to reduce complication risks and optimise the health benefits of weight loss. His research activity focuses on the mechanisms of bariatric surgery, the relationship between the gut and the brain and how signals between them can be optimised, and, primarily, increased mortality and morbidity associated with obesity and diabetes.

Professor Le Roux currently holds a number of editorial roles for journals including Surgery for Obesity and related Disease, and Obesity Surgery. He has been published extensively, served on international advisory boards and delivered numerous invited, keynote and plenary lectures in his field of expertise. A lecturer at undergraduate level, national and international conferences, Professor Le Roux has also supervised several MSc, MD and PhD students. He built an independent research group and published many high-impact papers with great influence. In particular, his translational research on the understanding of the physiological role and pathological changes in appetite control and the impact of bariatric surgery on diabetes has been widely acknowledged.

Professor Le Roux has been a member of the Novo Nordisk, GI Dynamics, Keyron, Johnson & Johnson and Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, is a member of Experts in Severe and Complex Obesity (ESCO) and the Association for the Study of Obesity and the Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. He has received the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) President of Ireland Young Researcher Award, Irish Research Council Laureate Award, a Clinician Scientist Award from the National Institute Health Research (NIHR) and a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship, amongst many other prestigious awards and grants. He is currently the coordinator of the Innovative Medicine Initiative SOPHIA project

Duality of Interest: Professor Le Roux has received speaker’s fees/honoraria from Herbalife, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson. He has also received payments for membership of boards/advisory panels from Herbalife, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, GI Dynamic, Glia Pharmaceuticals and Medtronic.  

Date: Spring 2023