Malin Fex is Associate Professor at Lund University Diabetes Centre, Sweden. She received both her master’s degree in cell and molecular biology and PhD in medical science from Lund University.

Her research goals are to understand why the pancreatic beta cells fail to produce adequate amounts of insulin to regulate whole body metabolism in type 2 diabetes. One of her key focuses is monoamine signalling within the islets of Langerhans and another is mechanisms of autophagy and metabolism in pancreatic beta cells during metabolic stress and type 2 diabetes. She is a researcher at EXODIAB.

Professor Fex is course leader in lectures on metabolic diseases at Lund University and teaches courses on human physiology and endocrine regulation to medical students. She often gives public seminars on diabetes and her research into pancreatic beta cells.

Duality of Interest: None declared
Date: Spring 2023