Paul Valensi is a diabetologist and Professor of Nutrition at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University, former head of the Endocrinology Diabetology Nutrition Unit at the Jean Verdier Hospital, France, and co-chair of the Centre Intégré Nord Francilien Obésité Adultes et Enfants (CINFO).

He served as chairman of NEURODIAB, the Diabetic Neuropathy Study Group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), from 2002-05; as Chairman of the French Study Group on Heart and Diabetes (2002-05); and as Chairman of the French section of the Diabetes Education Study Group (1994-97).

He is currently president of the French Group on the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, a member of the executive committee of the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease EASD Study Group.

Professor Valensi is co-author of several French guidelines on silent myocardial ischaemia, anti-aggregants, peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in diabetes, and care of the hyperglycaemic patient during acute coronary syndrome.

He co-chaired the Toronto Consensus Panel on Diabetic Neuropathy and co-authored the European IMAGE guidelines on the prevention of type 2 diabetes. He served as a member of the taskforce for the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) guidelines on diabetes, prediabetes and cardiovascular diseases developed in collaboration with the EASD (2013 and 2019).

His main research topics are the macro- and microvascular complications of diabetes and obesity, neuropathic disorders in diabetes and obesity, and prevention of diabetes and its complications. He is the author of more than 370 articles in peer-reviewed journals and around 40 chapters in scientific books, and he is the editor or co-editor of four books.

Duality of interest: Professor Valensi has received research support/ grants from Stendo and speaker’s honorarium / fees from Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim. He has also received board member / advisory panel payments from Novo Nordisk and Boehringer Ingelheim together with consultancy payments from Stendo, Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Date: Summer 2023