Richard Bracken is Professor of Exercise Physiology at Swansea University where he contributes to teaching, research and innovation activities in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences and Faculty of Science and Engineering. He is co-Director of Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Health and Technology at Swansea University.

He has a specialist interest in the interactions of medication, nutrition and technology around exercise in diabetes and obesity.   

Professor Bracken is Vice-Chair for the Exercise and Physical Activity study group (ExPAS) of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) and is passionate about promoting the positive role of physical exercise in the management of metabolic conditions.

He has active global research links, with colleagues in Canada, USA and Europe (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Italy) and has published numerous papers on his specialist research area.

Duality of interest: None declared

Date: Summer 2023