Sally Marshall (BSc MB ChB MD FRCP (G) FRCP (L)) undertook her medical training at the University of Glasgow. She is Professor Emerita, Newcastle University and previously Honorary Consultant Physician. 

Professor Marshalls’ research focus was in diabetic nephropathy, including genetics, cellular biology, natural history, links to cardiovascular disease and management.  She lead studies investigating the role of polymorphisms of cytoskeletal proteins in the development of nephropathy, using the Warren 3 DNA repository for type 1 diabetes; the increased thrombogenicity seen in diabetes, using the Baudimon chamber to assess ex vivo thrombogenicity and the response to antiplatelet therapy and studies relating expression of the pro-thrombotic phospholipid phosphatidylserine (PS) on the outer membrane of platelets to vascular risk. Her in vitro work explored the mechanisms stimulating expression of PS and differences between non-diabetic and diabetic patients and patients with and without renal disease. She has longstanding experience in undergraduate and postgraduate Medical Student and Biomedical Sciences teaching, training and assessment. She was Director of Newcastle University/Northern Deanery Integrated Academic Pathway 2013-2018.

She was NICE advisor on hypertension and renal disease in diabetes.  She served as Editor for Diabetic Medicine from 2005-2009 and was the Editor in Chief of Diabetologia until 2021. She was the founding Chair of the Management Committee for Diabetes UK Clinical Study Groups and the President of European Diabetic Nephropathy Study. Additionally Professor Marshall was a board member of the EASD.

Duality of Interest: None declared.
Date: Summer 2023