Diabetes and the kidney

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The kidney is often regarded as the most important target of microvascular damage in diabetes. It is also strongly associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD). This course is designed to deepen your understanding of this crucial area of diabetes care. Module 1 introduces the course with a comprehensive overview of diabetic kidney disease (DKD), including prevalence, diagnosis, consequences and treatment. Module 2 aims to help you determine the presence of DKD, assess its severity and appreciate the links to CVD. Module 3 takes a closer look at current treatment options, while module 4 explores what you need to consider in monitoring and follow-up of people with diabetes and those with DKD.

People with classical diabetic nephropathy invariably have other microvascular complications too. With this in mind, module 5 explores the relationship between DKD and the other major complications of diabetes. And in module 6, we look at the later stages of DKD, how it may affect a person’s general health and diabetes control, and what efforts should be made to prevent or delay its progression.

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