SGLT-2 inhibitors

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SGLT-2 inhibitors are one of the newest classes of drug in the diabetes armamentarium. The first module in this course of six modules looks at their history and, through animation, allows you to focus on the physiology and inhibition of renal glucose absorption. The second module builds on this knowledge, allowing you to assess the key trial data to date for empagliflozin, dapagliflozin and canagliflozin. Module 3 compares and contrasts the EMPA-REG OUTCOME and CANVAS Program studies with particular emphasis on cardiovascular outcomes. Module 4 looks at the newer possibilities of this drug class as an adjunct therapy to insulin in type 1 diabetes and highlights the important safety issue of diabetic ketoacidosis. Module 5 focuses on the renal outcomes of major SGLT-2 trials, with particular emphasis on the results of the CREDENCE trial. Module 6 delves deeper into cardiovascular outcomes from SGLT-2 trials, comparing these with results from the latest large-scale cardiovascular outcomes trial, DECLARE TIMI 58. Finally, in Module 7 we host an international round-table discussion of ‘tips and tricks’ for the use of SGLT-1/-2 inhibitors in type 1 diabetes from leading experts in the field.

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