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COVID-19 and diabetes

Mon 11th May 2020

The long road back

Restarting clinics is essential to improving the lives of people with diabetes, says Professor Chantal Mathieu. But we need to do it right.

Fri 08th May 2020

Healthcare in the new normal

Better integration of primary care into healthcare systems will be essential to meeting the challenges of ‘the pandemic era’, argues Professor Pinar Topsever.

Wed 06th May 2020

After the deluge

Professor Xavier Cos gives a primary care perspective on the experience of COVID-19 in Spain and Italy, and calls for a better, broader understanding of healthcare in the future.

Mon 27th April 2020

Ward report

After a month spent working with COVID-19-positive diabetic patients in Stockholm, Professor Mikael Rydén reflects on some of the more puzzling aspects of the pandemic.

Wed 08th April 2020

Getting through it together

EASD President Professor Stefano Del Prato pays tribute to the work of diabetes healthcare professionals grappling with the pandemic and outlines how the EASD can support their efforts.

Wed 08th April 2020

A marathon, not a sprint

Self care and self compassion are essential if healthcare professionals are to cope with the stress of COVID-19 over the long haul, says Professor Frank Snoek.

Mon 06th April 2020

Staying safe and keeping well

Dr Pratik Choudhary shares some key pointers for people with type 1 diabetes on how to keep well during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thu 02nd April 2020

Keeping diabetes teams together

Professor Ketan Dhatariya explains why keeping diabetes teams intact is vital to the COVID-19 effort.

Wed 01st April 2020

Glucose sensors and paracetamol

Professor Pieter Gillard from Leuven, Belgium, gives a timely warning about the risk of false glucose sensor readings for people with diabetes who are taking paracetamol.

Further learning

For more on glucose sensors, visit our courses on Technology and type 1 diabetes

Wed 25th March 2020

New ways of providing care

COVID-19 is forcing us to change the way we work. Professor Chantal Mathieu from Leuven, Belgium, explains how video and teleconsulting is helping her diabetes centre meet the challenge.