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Listen up!

19th May 2021

Changes are afoot on the e-Learning platform – all aimed at making it easier for you to let us know what you think about our courses and alert us to any technical problems.

Starting this week, regular visitors will notice a new presence on our pages. To the right of the screen, wherever you are on the site, there is now a toolbar, which includes a number of options to help you communicate with us.

If something isn’t working the way you expect it to, you can click on ‘Report a technical problem’ and a short form will be presented. This feedback is monitored on a daily basis during the week and you can expect a response within two working days.

Alternatively, if you notice something that needs changing in the content itself, or there are topics you would like to learn more about, then you can use the ‘Feedback on course content’ button.

For other general enquiries, there’s a simple ‘Contact us’ button.

To support the dialogue between us and our users further still, the toolbar contains a ‘Your messages’ button, where you can access correspondence about issues you’ve raised with the e-Learning team, all in one place.

“Listening to our learners is at the forefront of ensuring the EASD e-Learning programme is up to date, evidence based and meets the needs of our learners,” said Dr Eleanor D Kennedy, Programme Manager for the e-Learning platform. “We hope these changes to our page design will make that dialogue easier and more satisfactory for our learners – as well as helping us to make continual improvements.”

Further developments to the toolbar are planned for the future – including the addition of course-specific glossaries and a series of ‘How to’ films to make it easier to navigate the site. So watch this space…