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New module brings e-Learning to ADA/EASD 2022 consensus report 

29th August 2023

In the latest EASD e-Learning module, leading experts in diabetes care and research guide learners through the latest ADA/EASD consensus report on managing type 2 diabetes.

The first of two new modules on the management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes launches today. The module, titled ‘ADA/EASD 2022 consensus report – background, rationale and components of care’, outlines key components of the much-lauded report, sharing insights into how they were produced and the rationale behind them. A second module, due to launch in 2024, will take a closer look at the central concept of personalised care and how to implement the report.

The list of authors and presenters of the new module reads like a roll call of leading diabetes experts from around the world. They include Professors Melanie Davies and John Buse (co-chairs of the report writing group), plus Professors Peter Rossing, Tsvetalina Tankova, Geltrude Mingrone, Vanita Aroda and Dr Billy Collins – all of whom were also members of the writing group. Professor Buse paid tribute to the positive impact that the diversity of the group had on the final report. 

“We tried to get representation from the primary care community, people that are more accustomed to dealing with complications, methodologists in meta-analysis and subgroup analyses… We also tried to get a heterogeneous group with regards to geographical representation, gender, etc. I think the representation that we’ve had from the primary care community, from epidemiologists, really has rounded out the recommendations in a very positive way.” 

Professor Davies agrees: “I think it’s much more holistic, so we’ve really taken that step from emphasising the person-centred approach, the really holistic approach to management. I think this time there’s a bigger focus on implementation… We’ve got all this great evidence, we know in some ways what we should be doing but getting that into practice, that’s probably been a bit more of a focus this time round.”

Another area of difference between the new consensus report and its previous iterations is the greater emphasis on social determinants of health. Says Professor Buse: “The way I like to talk about it is, as a provider, getting into the head, the heart and the home of the person with diabetes, to really try to understand what it takes to make things work. That’s another big section that’s been added this year: practical pointers for providers with regard to making things work.”

These two modules replace the existing modules in EASD e-Learning’s ‘Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes’ course, which focused respectively on the 2018 consensus report and its 2019 update. EASD Programme Director Dr Eleanor D Kennedy commented: “Our modules on the 2018 and 2019 consensus reports have been two of the most popular and highly rated modules on the platform and were among the first EASD e-Learning modules to be accredited for continuing professional education by the UK’s Royal College of General Practitioners. We hope these two new modules will be similarly well received.” 

Enrol today on the new module at Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes module 1 ‘ADA/EASD 2022 consensus report – background, rationale and components of care’.

Certificates of completion

The modules on the 2018 consensus report and its 2019 have now been retired and are no longer available on the platform. However, anyone who has successfully completed the older modules and passed the end-of-module assessment will still be able to access their certificates of completion on their ‘My account’ page.

Any opinions expressed in this article are the responsibility of the EASD e-Learning Programme Director, Dr Eleanor D Kennedy.