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Obesity and type 2 diabetes: ethnicity, age, gender and complications

29th September 2021

The close link between obesity and type 2 diabetes is well established, but our latest module digs deeper – exploring the wider relationship with ethnicity, age and complications, cardiovascular disease in particular.

One of the standout sessions at last year’s EASD Annual Meeting was Professor Naveed Sattar’s Camillo Golgi lecture, which had delegates gripped by its exploration of cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes. So EASD e-Learning was especially delighted when Professor Sattar agreed to write and present an e-learning module on the topic.

The module, as Professor Sattar explains, is really in two parts. “The first part explains how diabetes, through ectopic fat and excess fuel, links to cardiovascular and cardiorenal risks – and also how it actually links to the development of hyperglycaemia per se.”

“Then, in part two, I set out to explain why that excess weight is actually more pronounced in younger people with type 2, which partly explains their higher life years lost due to diabetes. But also, on the opposite side of the equation, how non-white ethnicity – so really, everybody who’s not white – actually has to put on less weight to develop diabetes. That will then explain why people of certain ethnicities develop diabetes sooner but, on the other hand, it may also explain why those ethnicities lose fewer life years due to diabetes.”

As anyone who watched last year’s lecture will know to expect, it’s an energetic and masterful examination of the topic. The module is also packed with practical clinical content, with cases studies and scenario-based assessments.

Enrol on ‘Obesity and the pathogenesis and outcomes of type 2 diabetes’.

The module’s launch will be marked by a live presentation and Q&A session with Professor Sattar at the EASD Annual Meeting (Thursday 30th September 10.00-11.30 CET).