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The long and the short of it

22nd March 2021

EASD e-Learning’s latest initiative, ‘The long and the short it’, launches today.

The series showcases leading diabetes experts interviewing one another on a particular aspect of diabetes treatment or research. The twist is that you get to choose how long the discussion lasts.

“We know that our learners tend to be incredibly busy,” explains EASD e-Learning Programme Manager Dr Eleanor Kennedy. “However interested you are in a given subject, you just don’t always have time to listen to a 20-minute podcast or watch a 10-minute film. This initiative gives you the opportunity to catch the highlights in a short version first. And the longer version is there so you can benefit from the full in-depth discussion later, when you’re not so pressed for time.”

To kick the series off, a timely discussion on a pressing issue: primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Professors Steve Bain and Michael Nauck survey the latest trends in this increasingly exciting field, including the emerging role of novel glucose-lowering therapies in reducing cardiovascular risk.

So how are you doing for time?

Time in short supply? Click here for the short version of this presentation.

Time to dig deeper? Check out the long version of this presentation.

For more on this topic, see our courses ‘Cardiovascular health and diabetes’, ‘SGLT-2 inhibitors’ and ‘GLP-1 receptor agonists’.