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Two more modules get CPD quality mark

29th November 2021

Another two EASD e-Learning modules have been accredited for CPD by the UKs Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

As of today, the modules ‘Hypoglycaemia in older people’ by Professor Brian Frier and ‘An introduction to real-world evidence’ by Dr Marc Evans will carry the RCGP’s quality mark.

EASD e-Learning Programme Director Dr Eleanor D Kennedy commented: “This is wonderful news for EASD, our authors and the many learners who access our e-Learning platform each month. The RCGP accreditation mark is an identifiable symbol of quality assurance that associates educational activities with professionalism, expertise and commitment to the highest possible standards of general practice. Its presence helps to demonstrate the important contribution these modules can make to the delivery of high-quality care for people at risk of or living with diabetes.”

RCGP-accredited modules on the platform are clearly indicated by the presence of the RCGP accreditation mark. Course cards for any EASD e-Learning courses that include accredited modules will also be marked with an orange ‘CPD’ button. The same button will also appear on the course content ladder. 

All accredited modules are also listed in the RCGP’s own register of accredited CPD courses.

Access the newly accredited modules:

For more on CPD accreditation and what it means for learners, read our CPD guide.